Upcoming Services:


Sunday, August 7
10:00 am Service: Compassionate Accountability. Promising to be “Tough on Crime” has been a winning strategy for both Democrats and Republicans in recent years. But as Unitarian Universalists, we are called to look beyond such promises, to the human beings who suffer because of them. — Summer Minister, Peter House
11:15 am:  Drop-In Discussion.


Sunday, August 14
10:00 am Service: Orangeade for the Tourists. Sometimes what the world asks of us is at odds with what we feel is our job. At these times, we need to stretch ourselves. In this re-working of one of my early sermons, I will explore what happens when we can go beyond ourselves, and meet the needs of others. — Summer Minister, Peter House
11:15 am:  Drop-In Discussion.


Sunday, August 21
10:00 am Service: Heart Land: Where Faiths Connect – General Assembly 2016.  From June 22-26 of this year, Unitarian Universalists gathered in Columbus, Ohio for the 55th annual General Assembly of the UUA.  Suzie Gutierrez and Bob Remley, our congregational delegates to the Assembly, share their personal reflections, experiences and recommendations for our congregation based on major themes arising from GA, including love, multiculturalism and outreach.
11:15 am:  Drop-In Discussion.


Sunday, August 28
10:00 am Service: The Price we Pay for Being Informed. This Sunday, we will explore how too much media connectedness can damage our spirits, rob our souls, and deplete us of the vital energy we need to work  for change. — Summer Minister, Peter House
11:15 am:  Drop-In Discussion.


Sunday, September 4
10:00 am Service: Tier One Thinking. On this Labor Day weekend, we will explore the downside of always looking out for “number one”. — Summer Minister, Peter House
11:15 am:  Drop-In Discussion.



First Universalist Church of Rochester, NY is a welcoming congregation.  Everyone is invited to join us.



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Monday – Thursday, 9:00-3:15
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