Love is the doctrine of this church.
The quest for truth is its sacrament
and service is its prayer.
To dwell together in peace;
to seek knowledge in freedom;
to serve humanity in fellowship;
to the end that all souls shall grow into harmony
with the source and meaning of life;
thus do we covenant with each other and with All.

First Universalist Church of Rochester, NY is a welcoming congregation.
Everyone is invited to join us.

Sunday, January 4
10:30 am Service: Annual Fire Communion
Starting a fresh new year. Kitty Forbush and Tom Williams.
9:15 am: Drop-In Discussion.

Sunday, January 11
10:30 am Service: To Dwell, To Seek, to Serve
A meditation upon these three pivotal words of our covenant, and how they might guide our vocational and spiritual lives. Rev. Celie Katovitch.
9:15 am: Drop-In Discussion.

Sunday, January 18
10:30 am Service: Martin Luther King, Jr. Sunday
This Sunday we will reflect upon Dr. King’s legacy in the era of Ferguson. Rev. Celie Katovitch.
9:15 am: Drop-In Discussion.

Sunday, January 25
10:30 am Service: Think Small
We’re usually encouraged to “think big” … today we turn the tables, and explore one particular area where we, as churchgoers in the age of church decline, need to think small(er). Rev. Celie Katovitch.
9:15 am: Drop-In Discussion.