Love is the doctrine of this church.
The quest for truth is its sacrament
and service is its prayer.
To dwell together in peace;
to seek knowledge in freedom;
to serve humanity in fellowship;
to the end that all souls shall grow into harmony
with the source and meaning of life;
thus do we covenant with each other and with All.

Everyone is welcome at First Universalist Church of Rochester. Please join us for our Sunday Services and Drop-In Discussions.

Sunday, August 3
10 am Service: Getting to Know the Tree Trimming Guys
It’s easy to judge, dislike, mistrust, and fear strangers. However, even brief interactions nearly always change us from “demonizers” into “humanizers”, and make the world feel like a safer, friendlier, and more compassionate place. Rev. Peter House.
11:15 am: Drop-In Discussion

Sunday, August 10
10 am Service: A Status Update
We live in a society which bombards us with messages about how we should be living in order to be happy and fulfilled, and all of us succumb to following the message to some degree. But why do we follow it, who are we following it for, and what price do we pay? Rev. Peter House.
11:15 am: Drop-In Discussion

Sunday, August 17
10 am Service: To Carry with Me
Exploring what becomes important as we go forward in life. Guest Speaker Elizabeth Osta.
11:15 am: Drop-In Discussion

Sunday, August 24
10:30 am Service: Competing ENDS
We all strive to live ethical lives, but is it really possible to be completely and totally ethical all of the time? I will apply a different framework to looking at this ancient dilemma. Rev. Peter House.
11:15 am: Drop-In Discussion

Sunday, August 31
10 am Service: I’m Sticking to the Union
There is currently an assault on the middle class which is bolder and further reaching than any we have experienced in modern times. This Labor Day, we will honor the contributions of average women and men, and explore the spiritual rewards which result from sticking together. Rev. Peter House.
11:15 am: Drop-In Discussion