Upcoming Services:

Summer schedule begins June 26.  Service begins at 10:00 am followed by Drop-in Discussion at 11:15 am.


Sunday, July 3 
10:00 am Service: The Lost Art of Cherishing. As 21st Century Americans, we live with such abundance, and have so many choices, we have forgotten how to cherish. Re-learning this valuable skill will not only improve our own lives, but it will make the world a better place for everyone. — Summer Minister, Peter House
11:15 am:  Drop-In Discussion.


Sunday, July 10
10:00 am Service: Why It’s Not OK to be a Snob. These days we are hearing a lot about the gap between the rich and the poor. Can our own attitudes and choices contribute to the problem? — Summer Minister, Peter House
11:15 am:  Drop-In Discussion.


Sunday, July 17 
10:00 am Service: Moving to North Carolina isn’t the Answer. We all experience a degree of discontent with our lives, and we all seek change in order to enhance our own happiness. Could the real key be to change nothing? — Summer Minister, Peter House
11:15 am:  Drop-In Discussion.


Sunday, July 24
10:00 am Service: An American Hero. Harriet Tubman was not a general or a lawgiver, but she set an example for us all by repeatedly risking her life to free herself and then to free others. – Phil Ebersole and Worship Associate Verdis Robinson
11:15 am:  Drop-In Discussion.


Sunday, July 31
10:00 am Service: Color My World. We all see the world through our own subjective lens. The challenge for ethical people is to nurture an ever-growing awareness of our own biases, and to police ourselves when sharing our version of “reality” with others. — Summer Minister, Peter House
11:15 am:  Drop-In Discussion.


First Universalist Church of Rochester, NY is a welcoming congregation.  Everyone is invited to join us.



Summer Office Hours:  

Monday – Thursday, 9:00-3:15
Closed Friday

(585) 546-2826 / office@uuroc.org